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Physical Meets Digital

Analog Devices occupies a unique position at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. You’ve undoubtedly experienced our innovations first-hand in cell phone touch screens and cameras, voice assistants or critical radio technologies. We’re enabling disruptive technologies that take data like temperature, heart beats or sound waves to connect and inform digital devices that empower better life experiences.

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Innovation is in Our DNA

At Analog, we design and manufacture solutions and systems that: Power  | Sense | Measure | Interpret | Secure and Connect the world around us –enabling our customers to convert that physical data into digital transformations from Analog Garage start-ups to 5G Communications to Remote Healthcare. 

Our unique set of capabilities allows us to solve the toughest problems in an ambidextrous way. Silicon and Software. Components and Systems. People and Profits. We tackle innovation from the “Edge” – where the data is born to the Cloud – with best-in-class performance, accuracy and insights to design technologies that change lives “ahead of what’s possible."

"ADI’s capacity to sense, learn and improve at a rate faster than the competition has enabled us to thrive in a world of continuous change and frenetic competition over the past five decades.”


Analog Devices was founded in 1965 on the principles of innovation, excellence, collaboration and life-long learning. We follow a simple but powerful equation. Hire great people, invest in their potential and help them learn at every stage of their career. Talented people plus investment by Analog equals shared success for our employees, customers, and shareholders. 

Hear from ADI’s CPO

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Mentoring the Leaders of Tomorrow

“It’s the talent behind the tech that matters. We invest in you so we succeed together at creating impactful technologies that better the world, ahead of what’s possible.”
- Marnie Seif, Chief People Officer.