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"ADI’s technology played a part in the successful rescue of a dozen soccer players and their coach through miles of caverns in Thailand. An ordinary radio signal can’t cut through two miles of caverns," explains ADI Fellow Tony Montalvo.

Rescue radios usually work one of two ways, where one device talks to another; or via a “star” configuration, where multiple radios work through a central device. “That wouldn’t work either through two miles of rock and water,” he explains. But Israeli technology firm MaxTech Network, which uses Analog Devices’ transceiver chips in its MaxMesh radios, applied the “flexibility” of what had been created and deployed a different kind of radio network to solve the communications gap: one radio would talk to another radio, which talked to another radio – and on down the line until communications had been established to the outside of the caverns.

It’s just one application – but it shows how you can make a difference at ADI.

–Maurer, A. (2018, August 31). Raleigh ADI office developed radio technology that helped save cave-trapped soccer team. Retrieved from